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9 NJ schools honored for innovations in special education

Nine New Jersey school districts were honored earlier this week for innovative special education programming, at the Celebration of Special Education hosted by the New Jersey School Boards Association and ASAH, an organization representing private special education schools.

Gov. Chris Christie also proclaimed the week of May 11 17 "Special Education Week" in New Jersey, honoring the roughly 250,000 preschool and school age children who receive special education in the state, and the parents, teachers, school administrators and others who support them.

The nine programs selected for the "Innovations in Special Education Awards" were recognized on Monday, May 12, during an event held in Princeton. The winners, which were judged, based on content, innovation, integration into the curriculum and parent/community involvement, as well as evaluation strategies and effectiveness of meeting student needs, were selected from among 47 nominees. They represent both public and private schools.

Honorees included "buddy" programs that pair special education students with their non disabled peers; special education programs that employ gardening, cooking or other creative teaching opportunities; and a "respite" program that gives special education parents a welcome break, while allowing special needs children to enjoy what, for some, is their first chance ever for a sleepover with friends.

"Children facing learning challenges have always been close to my heart. I firmly believe that, with the proper support and training, all students can achieve their potential," said NJSBA Executive Director Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, who began his career in education as a special education teacher, and who addressed the group at the Celebration of Special Education.

"To each and every one of the students here who have worked so hard and accomplished so much, I say, "Well done!" Dr. Feinsod said.

Gov. Christie's proclamation was also presented at the event, proclaiming that "the public school districts and the private schools of Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve New Jersey make a major contribution to the public welfare by preparing thousands of exceptional persons to participate as citizens of this state and as members of society."

The schools honored with the 2014 Innovations in Special Education Awards are as follows:The Bankbridge Buddies program, comprised of a group of students from the Bainbridge Elementary School in the Gloucester County Special Services School District, originated in January of 2007. The concept enabled the students to reach out to the community and provide a service to a population in need. The Gloucester Manor Nursing Facility was chosen because its residents had no opportunity for one to one interaction with people in the community, especially children. The Bankbridge Buddies visit these residents on a monthly basis for one hour. The visits include interactive crafts, coloring and table top games. Students are encouraged to initiate conversations and reinforce skills learned during their weekly social skills group.

Bergenfield Public Schools "Cooking up Confidence"

The Bergenfield Public School District, in cooperation with Bergen County Special Services, operates the Tri Valley Academy for students with autism. "Cooking up Confidence" helps students with autism meet curriculum standards, as outlined in their Individual Education Programs, by cooking on a Masteron Subq daily basis. The daily activities are age appropriate, and might include making chocolate pudding in first grade, or preparing homemade pizza and salad as a high school student. The goal is to provide opportunities for students with autism to develop knowledge and skills that will eventually contribute to the ultimate goal of independent living. West Hornet Hive Community Project

Each year the Multiple Disabilities Life Skills Program at Hamilton High School West chooses a social organization in the community to partner with, to "Comprar Gh Jintropin" fill a community need. The Hornet Hive Community Project involves the students directly with their community, and allows them to work alongside general education students. All of the students develop a lifelong understanding of the importance of community involvement, and the concepts of altruism and of "giving back" to the community. One project involved students organizing and collecting cell phones for the benefit of soldiers deployed overseas. The phones were mailed to major phone companies, which then issued prepaid calling cards for the soldiers.

Freehold Reg. District Workplace Training Program

The Workplace Training Program at the Freehold Regional High School District gives students with disabilities the chance to become immersed in community based experiences, and learn both hard and soft skills, as they transition into the workplace. Fifth , sixth and seventh year students become interns, who are placed in one of 27 employment partnerships at sites such as AC Moore, Bob's Stores, Centra State Fitness Center, Foodtown, Panera Bread, Petco, Top Tomato and Wal Mart. Students receive subsidized wages, so they are treated as employees rather than volunteers, and they learn job skills.

The program also provides community based experiences that further help develop "soft" life skills, by taking students on excursions to sites such as to the Division of Motor Vehicles, where they obtain a non driver state ID. They also visit local fitness centers, where they satisfy physical education requirements, and also learn how to manage themselves in a public locker room and fitness facility.

The Midland School The Respite Program

The Midland School's Respite Program gives students, from ages 10 to 21, the opportunity to practice social skills, learn and use independent living skills, improve self confidence and self esteem, and have fun with friends. It does all that, by taking students for an overnight experience what is often their first sleepover giving their parents a respite at the same time. The program started in 1982 after a Midland School parent told the school's educational director that she and her child had never been separated even for one night, because of the child's needs. This program was created to address that situation. Saturday, enjoying activities like movies, a trip to the mall or a fair. Counselors and students make their beds, plan meals, go food shopping and cook. They also have time to hang out with friends. For parents, the Respite Program is a chance to spend time with each other, attend a special event or just give some extra attention to one of their other children. For students, it is a chance to experience something that their siblings may do a sleepover. Because the respite takes place in the school's independent living apartment, students are in a familiar environment, with adults who know and understand them.

Wall Twp. Public Schools Ability Awareness Collaboration

The Wall Township Public Schools Ability Awareness Collaboration is a creative project that partners students from the Wall High School Peer Leaders program with students from the Ladacin Schroth School, a private school for the disabled. The purpose is Nandrolone Night Sweats three fold: first, the Schroth students have the opportunity to socialize with students from their hometown; second, the Wall students, some of whom have disabilities, interact with students of varying abilities; and third, the Schroth students benefit from community based instruction. Students from the two schools "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" meet for a weekly peer "buddy" program, and an end of year luncheon. On their first visit, students introduce themselves some using communication devices and learn that, although they may not communicate in the same way, they enjoy similar music and movies and activities. The students also tour each other's schools.

Washington Twp. (Morris) School District Robo Kids

Robo Kids, a program of the Washington Township Public Schools in Morris County, represents an innovative way to engage autistic students in communication. It provides a hands on learning experience to tap into children's creative thinking, scientific inquiry, and problem solving skills, while bringing fun and purpose to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (or "STEM") education.

The students become engineers by exploring gears, levers, motors, sensors, and programming loops. They become storytellers by creating robots that move in response to the environment. In turn, the robots encourage the students to interact socially, while playing and learning.

Whippany Park High School The Garden Project

A vegetable garden is the setting for our next winning program, from Whippany Park High School in Morris County. Through this program, students with multiple disabilities develop fine and gross motor skills and learn about a variety of subjects. For example, they learn math by using the information on seed packets to predict when a seed will germinate; they study the plant life cycle during science; and they practice language arts skills by writing a description of the plants Comprar Gh Jintropin growing in the garden. The students also have the opportunity to socialize with the high school's Peer Buddies, who assist with the program, "Comprar Gh Jintropin" and they learn about healthier "Oxandrolone Powder India" eating habits and get exercise from their work in the garden. Field trips have taken the students to Frelinghuysen Arboretum, Rutgers Gardens, and more.

Woodbridge School District "Friday's Friends"

Friday's Friends is a program that pairs special needs students with general education students, creating "buddies." Each week, buddies spend approximately 30 minutes together participating in a variety of activities. Students assist their buddies in reading, writing, science, and math activities. Data collected indicates that special needs students have increased their verbal skills, and are continually building their vocabulary. Special needs students are better able to carry on simple conversations with peers, helping their ability to interact socially. In addition, special needs students have become less intimidated by the general population and participate in school wide activities without fear of failure or ridicule.

2014 marks the 30th consecutive year that the NJSBA and ASAH have co sponsored Special Education Week in New Jersey. Special Education Week honors the achievements of our state's special needs children and adults, as well as the efforts of their parents and teachers. Approximately 232,000 children and adults receive special education services in New Jersey through public and private schools and agencies, and another 18,000 receive special education instruction through preschool and early intervention programs.

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